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Our Institution

Sarabhuj has completed 22 glorious years of its existance through many struggle. It has now come to the Golden Moment of its existance. Form the time of its establishment, the founder-artists of the troupe had very little money in their pockets and had no place for practice. Even since then, however, Sarabhuj a name for itself in the world of performing arts. From the mother institute of Saranga, Tarun Pradhan had founded Sarabhuj as folk dance and theatre group. He had a vast experience and a deep understanding for the importance of folk culture. His deep understanding played an extremly important role in his creativity.

The troupe is now best of its own repertory. It has appropriate space for reharsal, stage property, costumes, musical instruments and also has rare collection of mask puppet, folk dance forms of various corner of India. Full of love & devotion Tarun Pradhan has been able to make the Sarabhuj a full glory and activity.

Work :
Our aim is to promot Bengali Marcial Dance, Music, Dance, Drama, are some for the regularfeathers of Sarabhuj.

Traditional Dance training for the physical and mental development of the children and youth.

Regular Martial dance training to generate the physical strength among the youths.

Folk Dance training to uphold the true essence of Indian traditional culture.

Now Regular Activities Of Institution :
  • Training on Martial Dances of Bengal.
  • Training on Drama.
  • Summer camp workshop for childrens of dance & theatre.
  • Lecture demonstration in all over India & Abroad.
"Sarabhuj Medinipur Natya Utsav" on 23-26th January, 2018, 5:30 P.M. onwards at Prodyut Smriti Bhavan, Medinipur.